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TV Games

FFGHBO10 Game Of Thrones: The Trivia Game published by Fantasy Flight Games

Game Of Thrones: The Trivia Game

In the game of thrones, knowledge is as powerful a weapon as Valyrian steel or dragonsfire. Without wielding swords, ambitious characters likeTyrion Lannister, Petyr Baelish, and Olenna Tyrell successfully navigate deadly political upheavals and wars. What you know can benefit you, and even cripple  ...More...

No. of Players: 2 - 16

Duration: 30 to 60 minutes

Min. Age: 18

Price: 29.99
       (RRP is 36.99)

GFNHOMES001 Homeland The Boardgame published by Gale Force Nine

Homeland The Boardgame

Homeland: The Game is a semi-cooperative game of intrigue, deception and hidden agendas based on the hit series on Showtime. Players assume the roles of CIA analysts, directing agency resources to combat the rising tide of global terrorism. Be warned, not everyone is what they seem. Stay alert, be  ...More...

No. of Players: 3 - 6

Duration: 90 minutes

Min. Age: 14

Price: 32.99
       (RRP is 34.99)