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GMT Games

GMT1515 Bloody April: Eagle Of Lille Expansion published by GMT Games

Bloody April: Eagle Of Lille Expansion

1 August 1915, Max Immelmann of Germany scored his first kill while flying a Fokker Eindecker. By 12 January 1916, the Eagle of Lille(as Immelmann was nicknamed) was awarded Germanys highest award the coveted Pour Le Mrite or as it was commonly known The Blue Max. The Eagle of Lille expansion  ...More...

No. of Players: 1 - 2

Min. Age: 13

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Falling Sky Board Game: Ariovistus Expansion And Update Kit

Gaul, 58 BC: Competing Celts have invited mercenary Germans and then an ambitious Roman governor into their divided land as protectors. Before Caesars audacious claim to the whole of Gaul leads his legions even farther north to war with the Belgae, a great Sueban chieftain will call ever more warbands  ...More...

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