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Wings of Glory World War 1: Albatros DIII (Gruber)

AREWGF118B Wings of Glory World War 1: Albatros DIII (Gruber) published by Ares Games

The Albatros D.III was the continuation of the line of shark shaped fighters that began with the D.I in the fall of 1916. Among the improvements was adopting the sesquiplane design from the Nieuport fighters, gaining climb and visibility, but weakening the structure. Still, the D.III dominated the skies and was the main killer during Bloody April. The Austrians built the D.III under license and actually managed to improve on the original. There were still some in combat at the Armistice.

Kurt Grubers first victory came with the AustroHungarian ace Godwin Brumowski manning the guns in his Albatros 2seater, and they fought together again in this D.III in Flik 41J.

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