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Dungeon World RPG

RDN001 Dungeon World RPG published by Burning Wheel

RDN001: Dungeon World RPG is Out of Stock

Combining high-action dungeon crawling with cutting-edge rules, Dungeon World is a roleplaying game of fantasy adventure. You and your friends will explore a land of magic and danger in the roles of adventurers searching for fame, gold, and glory. Dungeon Worlds rules are easy to learn and always drive the action forward in unexpected ways. A missed roll is never a dead endfailure introduces new complexities and complications. Life as an adventurer is hard and dangerous but its never boring!

Designed to be ready for you to hack, remix, and build new content, Dungeon World includes systems for changing everything to suit your group including creating new races, classes, and monsters. To play, youll need this rulebook, 35 players, some polyhedral dice, and 24 hours. Explore fantasy adventure roleplaying in a whole new way with Dungeon World!

Price: 16.99
       (RRP is 19.99)