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Voidfall Insert

FDSVOID Voidfall Insert published by Folded Space

This product is intended for the retail edition box size of 40.0 x 33.0 x 8.7 cm.

Official full colour insert compatible with Voidfall Retail Edition. The design provides both efficient storage and improved game play. Many of the trays can be utilised during the game, and they greatly aid set-up and clear-away times. The boards and rulebooks act as a lid on top of the trays.

The insert is arranged in up to three layers, with the sector tiles stacked in one corner. Note that the clear plastic civilisation trackers are added to the player tray, with three per colour.

There are 2 main trays for the glory, guild, fleet & other tokens, allowing you to place one set at either end of the playing area.

The house card tray includes seven slots, grouping in pairs the cards from each house. The text on the outside of the tray helps you quickly find the right houses you need for each scenario.

The trays include colour print designs; every tray includes images from the rulebook or game cards and boards to help you be able to organise and pack up all the components correctly.

The trays also work well with the optional enamel painted metal Guild and Installation tokens. Simply split the sets of tokens into two equal piles and add them to the relevant tray slots.

Once the insert trays are packed into the box you need to place the rule books and compendium on top of the lowest layer, adding the rulebooks so that the spiral on the compendium is visible. Next add all the player dials and combat tiles, and crisis board on top of the books (make sure to stack three resource boards at the top end as shown). Lastly place the galactic board and house mats on top of everything. Once fully loaded the box is filled to the top, allowing for vertical storage.

FS-VOID is an official insert product made in partnership with Mindclash Games. All trademarks and copyrights remain the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Folded Space EOOD.

This product consists of a flat-pack of 8 Evacore sheets. The trays require assembly, which is quick and easy using ordinary PVA glue. Detailed instructions are included in the package.

Price: £28.99
       (RRP is 31.99)