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Portals Board Game

CGA13001 Portals Board Game published by Crowd Games

In a time long ago, the great wizard Dominick Dey revealed a way to travel between worlds. He unlocked the secret of how to open portals using elemental magic: air, earth, fire, water, and time. Dominick visited the most incredible corners of the Universe. One day, he did not return. Perhaps he found a new world to settle in.

In this abstract game, you are travelers between worlds. Your task is to follow the path of the famous wizard by opening portals to other worlds. Only a mage whose mastery rivals Dominick Dey's shall find him first and win the game! 1. Take a card from the Key card area, 2. Take a stone from a Circle of Elements, 3. Transfer stones to an Elemental board to open a portal to another world, 4. Gain Victory Points. This edition includes a solo mode, as well as Magic Spells and Secret Signs modules.


  • 100 Elemental Stones
  • 1 Bag
  • 4 Double-sided Boards
  • 4 Circles of Elements
  • 24 Player Markers
  • 36 Key Cards
  • 66 Victory Point Tokens
  • 1 Spellboard
  • 20 Secret Sign Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • No. of Players: 1 to 4

    Duration: 40 to 80 minutes

    Min. Age: 10

    Price: £36.99
           (RRP is 44.99)