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Meeple Party Board Game

NLG2700 Meeple Party Board Game published by Ninth Level Games

NLG2700: Meeple Party Board Game is on Sale

You are throwing a party at your house! All the guests have different personalities like the jerk, the flirt, the party animal, the wallflower, and the cool which causes them to have a different effect on the room they enter. As roommates in the house, you and your fellow players move guests by welcoming them and mingling them around the party to meet your photo opportunity goals. Each time you meet a photo opportunity, you take a photo! Photos keep the party going. Each photo moves the party time clock forward, and your goal is to get through the entire party without all roommates stressing out!

However, things could start spiraling out of control! Surprise guests start showing up! Potential disasters actually happen! Roommates take stress each time a disaster happens or when certain surprises come up. Once all roommates have reached maximum stress, becoming stressed out, the party immediately ends and you all LOSE! However, if roommates can successfully get through the party before stressing out, you all WIN! Will your party be the best ever? Each player has special goals, but everyone wins or loses together. Meeple Party is a cooperative game of puzzle-solving strategy and party-throwing insanity for 1-5 players.


  • 16 Modular Room Tiles
  • 5 Roommate Meeples
  • 35 Guest Meeples
  • 1 Party Clock
  • 1 Dog Meeple
  • 1 Cat Meeple
  • 1 Gift Meeple
  • 5 Cake Meeples
  • 15 Stress Tokens
  • 1 Fabric Guest Bag
  • 1 Rule Book
  • No. of Players: 1 to 5

    Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

    Min. Age: 13

    Price: £19.99
           (RRP is 38.99)