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Forest Shuffle Card Game

LOGFOR01 Forest Shuffle Card Game published by Lookout Spiele

LOGFOR01: Forest Shuffle Card Game is Out of Stock

Life is bustling in the local forest: Animals scurry around the clearings looking for edible plants and insects. Some prefer the dense treetops, others the lush undergrowth and only feel comfortable in the shelter of the trees. Experience the miracles of the forest in this clever card game. In Forest Shuffle, 2-5 players compete in gathering the most valuable trees and attract species, thus creating an ecological balanced habitat for flora and fauna.

It all starts with a single tree: Each turn you play cards from your hand. You want to gather more trees in your very own forest. To help attract wildlife, you try to combine plants and animals for extra points or bonus actions. Consider the different preferences of these creatures: Some animals feel only comfortable in the presence of their fellow species, others prefer certain tree types to live in.

No. of Players: 2 to 5

Duration: 40 to 60 minutes

Min. Age: 10

Price: £21.99
       (RRP is 26.99)

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