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Fate RPG: Codex Anthology Volume 2

MGFC200 Fate RPG: Codex Anthology Volume 2 published by Magpie Games

MGFC200: Fate RPG: Codex Anthology Volume 2 is Out of Stock

The Fate Codex is a mostly-monthly e-zinefunded through Patreonthat features essays, systems, quick starts, and more for the Fate Core roleplaying system. Throughout 2015, over 600 backers funded six different issues of The Fate Codex; now weve brought all six of those issues together into this new anthology!

The pages of this volume feature over twenty-five original articles produced by a massive miscellany of authors: Tracy Barnett, Heather Beauregard, Richard Bellingham, Don Bisdorf, Brendan Conway, Jason Corley, Marissa Kelly, Kira Magrann, Koji Nishuchi, Mike Olson, Jon Peacock, Jacob Possin, Felipe Real, Sarah Richardson, Travis Scott, Mark Diaz Truman, Clark Valentine, and Nicole Winchester.

The art from the original issuesmore than thirty original piecesis carried over to the anthology as well, with works by such artists as Olivia Boyd, Marissa Kelly, Mike Mumah, Juan Ochoa. Crack open this book, and youll be swimming in fantastic Fate content from some of the brightest and most experienced Fate authors in the industry: rom systems for how to run giants and dragons in fate or how to use skills like Stealth in new and different ways, to essays that explore the very nature of Fate fiction, to quick starts featuring Seattle serial killers or WW II Canadian spy camps. In addition to reprinting all the existing content, weve added a new Quick Start Adventure to this collection: Felipe Reals Banshee. The servants of Death work to ensure that mortals perish according to the instructions laid out in The Book. Will they succeed in their mission? Or fall prey to the pleasures of the mortal world?

Price: 16.99
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