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Vampire The Masquerade RPG: 5th Edition Let The Streets Run Red Sourcebook

RGS01110 Vampire The Masquerade RPG: 5th Edition Let The Streets Run Red Sourcebook published by Renegade Game Studios

What motivates an undead body to go on walking, talking, plotting, and biting? The Hunger is an obvious motivation. It drives all vampires to commit foul acts in the name of sustenance. The Beast, too, gives a Kindred drive. Whether in fear of the Beast within or in attempts to master it, that constant nagging growl makes an undead monster march on. Touchstones - those throbbing links to mortality so many vampires hold dear - might drive a vampire to kill just to protect someone none the wiser to their guardian's bestial nature.

Politics. Philosophy. War. Brinkmanship. They make a vampire think, feel, and fight for something, whether it be tangible or ethereal. These things give a Kindred meaning. Whether letting the Beast rage in the gun-happy South Side of Chicago, chasing prey around the Loop, plotting out in Gary, or fleeing the Inquisition into the murky swamps of rural Illinois, Chicago always gives a Kindred an activity or two to fill up their nights. The one certainty is that blood will flow. It will flow, and the streets will turn red by the dawn. Let the Streets Run Red includes: Four full stories for play over multiple game sessions, each handling a different core theme from Vampire: The Masquerade. These chronicles can be played independently of each other or in sequence. Deep coverage of the vampire domains of Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and Gary and some of those cities' undead inhabitants. A cast of Kindred with biographies, ambitions, intrigues, links to other characters, and ways to include them in any chronicle, whether as antagonists, a supporting cast, or inspiration for playable characters. New Loresheets for inclusion in your game, allowing player characters to start with a foot, claw, or fang already planted in the roots of the chronicles within this book, and beyond. Nine ready-made characters so you can start playing any of the chronicles in this book immediately.

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