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Q-Workshop CATS Purrito Dice Set

QWSSCAT4V Q-Workshop CATS Purrito Dice Set published by Q-Workshop

QWSSCAT4V: Q-Workshop CATS Purrito Dice Set is Out of Stock

The Cat's Dice Set is remarkable not only because we dedicated it to our furry rulers... err, comrades. First of all, each dice is different - on the highest faces, there are cats indulging themselves as they please. Additionally, some faces show one of their favorite things: a bowl of food or a ball of yarn! When you look closely, you will also see traces of a cat's feet - because who will forbid them to walk on something freshly painted? The more, the merrier- The set includes 7 items: a D4, a D6, a D8, a D10, a D12, a D20 and a D00.

Price: £15.99
       (RRP is 18.99)