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Full Moon Jacket Board Game

WFGFMJ001 Full Moon Jacket Board Game published by Word Forge Games

Charlie don't surf! Full Moon Jacket is a solo and co-operative squad based game in which players take roles of various unique US Marines and Vietnamese Fighters in the Vietnam War. Each character brings their own skills and signature equipment in order to survive against endless waves of Werewolves as Dusk turns to Night.

The hordes of Werewolves are controlled by simple AI rules and to survive against them you must work together using ammo efficiently, searching supply drops for larger more brutal weapons and equipment and scavenging materials to craft your own unique items. No one game is ever the same. With unique modular boards randomly positioned, supply drops and werewolves randomly spawned and the mission objectives randomly moved, adjust your tactics in a bid to escape the ever changing situation. The game has several play modes for Solo play, Quick play, Standard mode with crafting, Nightmare mode (for those ready to be tested!) and Survival mode (last man standing). The core game consists of over 40 highly intricate miniatures, 100+ cards, 6 beautifully detailed reversible environment tiles and dozens of dice and tokens. The objectives are to locate the Colonel, gather supplies, scavenge and craft items, set traps and defend the Colonel as the Chopper is called.

No. of Players: 1 to 6

Duration: 45 to 120 minutes

Min. Age: 14

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