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Dungeons And Dragons RPG: A Delve In The Cave

SGL1005 Dungeons And Dragons RPG: A Delve In The Cave published by Signal Fire Studios

Something is terribly wrong in the town of Shadowhaven. It started with dark dreams, tasteless food, crying children, and aggressive livestock. In the evening the shadows seem to move on their own and something seems to watch from the darkness. This mystery leads adventurers to a cave in which the town's founder was interred centuries ago, and whatever waits in the blackness within.

Delve In The Cave is an adventure for the world's most popular roleplaying game! Designed for starting level characters, this adventure focuses on mystery and exploration without being overly complex. It leads to a classic "dungeon crawl" in the burial cave of a long-dead hero, now tainted by dark magic and ancient enemies. Comes with a large full-color tactical poster map of the main "dungeon" in the adventure!

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