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Cyberpunk 2020 RPG: Bastille Day

TRGCP3261 Cyberpunk 2020 RPG: Bastille Day published by R Talsorian Games

RACHE NEEDS A FAVOR... Ace netrunner Spider Murphy is missing, and Rache Bartmoss, the schizophrenic spiritual leader of the Eden Cabal, wants the characters to find out what she's up to. But, as happens with so many of Rache's little projects, things rapidly get out of hand...

When the cyberkids pick up the trail, they find the steel-shod bootprint of one of the most powerful organizations in the post-modern world, and the only way to contact Spider may be to walk into the maw of the ISA dragon. All they'll have to do is avoid detection, find Spider, organize outside help and build an army out of nothing for Bastille Day- the liberation of the disenfranchised from the clutches of the Corporate State. That's All. Just a Favor.

       (, RRP is 0.00)