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War Of The Ring: The Card Game Balrog Card Box And Sleeves

War of the Ring The Card Game - Shadow Card Box and Sleeves (Balrog version) features wonderful art created for the Shadow cards, including the Shadow logo by Francesco Mattioli, the iconic "Doors of Durin" art by John Howe, and the "Whip of Many Thongs" illustration by Andrea Piparo. The sturdy metal box contains 60 clear card protector sleeves in 63x88 mm format for faction cards and 30 clear card protector sleeves in 80x120 mm for battleground and path cards. It is the perfect accessory to hold the all-new Shadow cards contained in Against the Shadow, the first expansion set for War of the Ring - The Card Game. Inside the box, you will also find a custom plastic tray designed to contain sleeved cards (in both formats) and tokens from the game.

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