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Unmatched Board Game: Houdini Vs The Genie

REO9310 Unmatched Board Game: Houdini Vs The Genie published by Restoration Games

Unmatched is a highly asymmetrical miniature fighting game for two or four players. Each hero is represented by a unique deck designed to evoke their style and legend. Tactical movement and no-luck combat resolution create a unique play experience that rewards expertise, but just when you've mastered one set, new heroes arrive to provide all new match-ups. Unmatched: Houdini vs. The Genie adds two new heroes: Harry Houdini and The Genie of the Lamp.

Houdini: With the help of the beautiful Bess, he'll set the stage. Then it's a bit of misdirection and some sleight of hand. When you think you have the advantage, you'll discover it's all part of the show! The Genie: Freed from the lamp and simmering with imprisoned wrath. This is no more parlor trick. Be careful what you wish for, because, in the end, he grants you only death.


  • 2 Character Miniatures
  • 1 Sidekick Token
  • 3 Health Dials
  • 62 Cards
  • 1 Gameboard
  • Instructions
  • No. of Players: 2

    Duration: 20 minutes

    Min. Age: 9

    Price: £23.49
           (RRP is 29.99)