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Trudvang Legends Board Game: Darkwoods Expansion

CMNTRD004 Trudvang Legends Board Game: Darkwoods Expansion published by CoolMiniOrNot

The Darkwoods is no more a forest than a mountain is a hill, or an ocean a pond. It ranges all of northern Trudvang east of the Great Iron Tooth, south of the Great White. A bird might ride thermals forever above a sea of green that stretches beyond every horizon and never find its borders. A squirrel might run from the Great Iron Tooth to Icepeak Mountain leaping from branch to branch, never touching the ground below. Clearings dot the map where trees as large as castles topple, quickly overgrown by hungry young saplings, eager for light. The twilight world beneath the boughs can match any cavern for gloom or any tomb for silence.

Cartographers distinguish between the Darkwoods and the Eastern Darkwoods, but these are mere lines on mortal maps, fragile and brief. The Darkwoods stood when the world was wrought and will stand when Trudvang ends. The Darkwoods lives and breathes, and while roads and trails might crisscross the land between the trunks, take ten paces off the path in any direction, and you look upon a place that has never known the tread of mortalkind, not since the first of us blinked in the young sun's dawn. The Darkwoods is not unknowable, but it holds its secrets dear. Even seasoned Elven rangers with centuries behind them will speak of forgotten wonders and unknown horrors concealed in the stillness. It's a hinterland, a wild land, not an enemy to mortalkind, but no friend either for travelers unprepared for its challenges. The Darkwoods does not suffer fools, no matter how kindly intentioned. The Darkwoods watches. Trudvang Legends: Darkwoods is an expansion that features a brand-new campaign that brings players a branching story inside the large and eerie Darkwoods Forest, a majestic albeit sinister woods where darkness broods. Rumors have it that a demon has taken refuge in its depths, twisting and manipulating creatures, terrorizing all who come near it. It's up to you to investigate the source of this rumours, and to try and survive the expedition itself! In addition, features a brand new playable Class, the Demon Hunter, who masters the dark forces and twists the limits between good and bad.

No. of Players: 1 to 4

Duration: 60 minutes

Min. Age: 14

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