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Trollfest Board Game

TPQTFB01 Trollfest Board Game published by Trick Or Treat Games

For the first time, your band, which so far had mostly played in shady goblin and vampire venues, has been invited to take part in the great TrollFest, where you will be the opening act for such big names like the Rolling Gnomes and Snow White and the Dwarves.

In TrollFest, each player manages a rock band in a fantasy universe, recruits the most talented and charismatic musicians, holds concerts in the main city, hires dragons for transport and light shows, and ends up trying to give the best act at the festival. After an initial card draft of band members and action cards, players take turns moving around the map, performing shows and improving their band composition to score points. Once one player has completed their tour (by performing in a certain number of cities), the game ends and players score additional points based on their final band configuration. TrollFest is a light, fun, and thematic 3 to 6 player boardgame for friends and family.

No. of Players: 3 to 6

Duration: 45 minutes

Min. Age: 14

Price: £47.99
       (RRP is 59.99)