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Traveller RPG: Naval Adventure 1: Shakedown Cruise

MGP40020 Traveller RPG: Naval Adventure 1: Shakedown Cruise published by Mongoose Publishing

A new captain and senior crew have taken over the INS Sharsana. She is an older vessel, just out of her second mid-life refit, and has picked up a few quirks and traits in her long service. Her crew are properly trained but have no experience working together. The Travellers are given a simple mission on what is to be a shakedown cruise for the ship. This is their opportunity to teach the crew how to work together, identify problems missed by the dockyard evaluation officers, and turn an old ship into an efficient fighting unit.

Shakedown Cruise is a complete naval mission for Traveller, and provides extensive guidance on the use of the mechanics within naval campaigns. A copy of the Element Class Cruiser: Shipbuilders Blueprints box set is required.

Price: 8.33
       (RRP is 11.99)