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Toy Story Chess

USOCH004169 Toy Story Chess published by USAOpoly

USOCH004169: Toy Story Chess is Out of Stock

Some of the most beloved characters from Disney Pixar Toy Story come to life in this Toy Story Collectors Chess Set depicting them as full-color sculpted PVC figures in the classic 2-player strategy game.


  • 1 Game Board
  • 32 Custom Sculpted Chess Movers
  • Team Woody: Woody (King), Bo Peep (Queen), Ducky & Bunny (Bishops), Duke & Buttercup (Knights), Hamm & Forky (Rooks), Sarge (Pawns)
  • Team Buzz: Buzz Lightyear (King), Jessie (Queen), Mr. Pricklepants & Slinky Dog (Bishops), Dolly & Bullseye (Knights), Rex & Trixie (Rooks), Little Green Aliens (Pawns)
  • Rules
  • Price: £49.99
           (RRP is 59.99)