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Too Many Bones Board Game: Gearloc Bundle 1

CTGTMBADDB1 Too Many Bones Board Game: Gearloc Bundle 1 published by Chip Theory Games

CTGTMBADDB1: Too Many Bones Board Game: Gearloc Bundle 1 is Out of Stock

Enhance your Too Many Bones experience by adding Ghillie the Scoutmaster, Nugget the Treasure Hunter, Tink the Bot-Builder and Gasket, the Hydro-Mech!

These Gearlock Expansions each add a single playable character that can be used to swap out a character form the Core Set or Undertow, or used with Undertow's characters to increase the player count above 2.

Each Gearlock adds numerous new tactical options to your party:

  • Use Ghillie to ensnare The Ebon in clever traps and Summon companions onto the Battle Mat to create havoc for the toughest Baddies. Ghillie's ranged attacks offer invaluable versatility for both solo and group adventuring.
  • Use Nugget to find legendary treasure, grab lucky combat bonuses, and use sling stones to perform both ranged and melee attacks! Like Ghillie, Nugget is a versatile Gearloc who is invaluable for both solo and coop play.
  • With Tink, build Spiderbots to shield you and your party from harm. Add attachments for a unique brand of mechanical carnage! Tink is the most complex Gearloc to play, but often the most rewarding. Manage your dex, your bot builds and your battery life with this versatile and seasoned engineer!
  • Gasket uses its water-powered abilities to rearrange the battlefield and utilise several powerful directives to help achieve victory.

    Each Gearlock comes with its own set of 21 beautiful custom dice, a weighted character chip, a closable dice holder, and an edge-stitched neoprene character mat.

  • No. of Players: 1 to 4

    Duration: 60 to 90 minutes

    Price: £89.99
           (£87.74 after automatic discount!, RRP is 103.96)