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The Witcher Board Game: Old World Monster Trail Expansion

REBWIT08 The Witcher Board Game: Old World Monster Trail Expansion published by Go On Board

The World after Conjunction of the Spheres is full of terrifying beasts. No one who finds himself on the trail alone can feel safe. Lurking drowners, ghouls marching near cemeteries, or harpies dipping from the air is just a small part of the threats awaiting travelers! It brings another level of depth into different elements of the game: trailing and fighting monsters, building your deck and combos, using bombs, taking advantage of mutagens, and adding special cards to your starting decks.

Contains a playable School of the Manticore Witcher, advanced action cards for your witcher, and 17 large monster cards, one for each of the Old World beasts. These cards contain a new, advanced special ability of the Monster and descriptions of four special attacks. These attacks are directly related to the characteristics of the Monster in the Witcher's world. When a Monster appears on the board, players place an additional large card next to the board - it is visible to everyone and is associated with one specific Monster. In addition to the 17 large cards, this expansion introduces 4 Special Combat Cards. Before fighting a monster, shuffle 2,3, or 4 randomly into its Life Pool (depending on the Monster level). Thanks to this, fighting a powerful, massive Werewolf will be a completely different experience than facing Foglet hiding between mists and illusions. Additionally, each fight with the same Monster will be unique because it is not sure which special attacks will appear and in what order. Special Combat Cards will allow you to diversify the fights and introduce a completely new mechanic - Passive Attacks. When a Monster discards a Special Combat Card due to its damage, the passive attack is automatically activated. Various special and passive attacks of monsters mean that the decisions made by the player while trailing the Monster and in combat must be even more carefully considered.

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