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The Million Dollar Doodle Game

FLE3001 The Million Dollar Doodle Game published by Flying Leap Games

The Million Dollar Doodle is a semi-collaborative entrepreneurship-themed party game of inventing cool new products and companies. In The Million Dollar Doodle, everyone gets to bring out their creative side AND crack each other up when they pitch the funny, "brilliant" companies and products they create together.

How to play: Each player receives two "Logo Component" cards (e.g. "Fireworks" and "A super happy fish"), and draws a Logo that combines them (e.g. a smiling fish with fireworks bursting out of its fins). Players pass their logos in a circle, and one by one, other players add a Company Name, Slogan, and online Review inspired by the original Logo. Players pass their pads one last time, and everyone takes turns pitching the companies/products they've created to their friends and family (e.g. a seafood restaurant that cooks your fish right at your table using the best patented firework technology). Everyone votes on which company they like best, and that player gets a million dollars to launch their business!

No. of Players: 4 to 7

Duration: 30 to 60 minutes

Min. Age: 14

Price: £19.55
       (RRP is 29.99)