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The Arrival Board Game

CZE02583 The Arrival Board Game published by Cryptozoic Entertainment

CZE02583: The Arrival Board Game is on Sale

In a time long forgotten, the cruel Fomori ruled over Erin, the green island. They praise their king Balor, who reigns from his fortifications in the north with an iron fist. Old paths and ruins spread over the island's face, which will be called Ireland many generations from now. But new tribes arrive at the island striving for permanent presence. Who will control Erin's fate over the next centuries to come?

Each player represents a tribe leader who tries to gain predominance over the mythical island of Erin while pushing back the demon-like Fomori. But the players are facing dilemma, for spreading too quickly means to become more and more corrupt and to strengthen the Fomori in their power. During four to six rounds the players determine their resources by means of unique game mechanic, which will be used later on profitably. A baleful alliance with the Fomori also enables the single player to override the other ones!


  • 1 Map
  • 1 Rule Book
  • 54 Earning Cards
  • 4 Tribe Cards
  • 4 Overview Cards
  • 1 Starting Player Card
  • 74 Counters
  • 30 Tactic Tiles
  • 68 Building Discs
  • 12 Shields
  • 9 Blockers
  • No. of Players: 2 to 4

    Duration: 75 to 90 minutes

    Min. Age: 12

    Price: £18.99
           (RRP is 36.99)