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Super Fantasy Brawl Board Game: Rotilda - The Unearthed Expansion

MYTMGSFB040 Super Fantasy Brawl Board Game: Rotilda - The Unearthed Expansion published by Mythic Games

Dying had never been more fun, and in Rotilda's case it was rather hilarious... It all begun as a joke, when three young halflings dared each other to pass through a spooky graveyard. Their kingdom had always been protected by Fabulosa's evils and as such, the spooky yet silent graveyard looked less dangerous than one would expect.

As the trio passed the gates, they saw the hunchbacked form of a necromancer, a fugitive from a far-off land. Tired from being hunted, he pledged to let the halflings go unharmed if they'd only indulge him in a good joke. Alas, her friends were not such good sport and thus were met with an abrupt end. Rotilda on the other hand was a talented jokester and had an aptitude for pranks and tricks. The necromancer was so much appeased that he asked Rotilda to stay with him eternally, turning her into a mischievous zombie! From that moment on, Rotilda's life changed as she started debuting in tavern shows along with her necromancer friend, dragging him from kingdom to kingdom to a never-ending tour...

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