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Storm Weavers Board Game: Standard Edition

REBSTORM01 Storm Weavers Board Game: Standard Edition published by Other Worlds Gamebooks

Storm Weavers is a unique combination of a classic gamebook with an element of tactical combat taking place on the board. As a dwarven warrior, you undertake a journey across the vast land of Midgard to find and rescue your friend. To achieve your goal you must overcome a sinister adversity. As you travel from location to location, you have to face strong orcs, clever goblins, bloodthirsty wolves, ice giants, all migthy gods, cowardly wizards, greedy merchants, bad people, good people... can they stop you from reaching your goal?

Storm Weavers is a story driven game for one person. The player reads the situation in the book and chooses his action, which leads him to another section of the story. You roam the world drawing the map and exploring various locations. Sometimes your way will be bloodthirsty enemies. Then a confrontation begins, which is a tactical part of the game and is carried out on the board, with the participation of battle maps, minis, and dice. The game mechanics is based on 2 six side dice. Facing difficult situation you will be asked to roll against one of your attributes. The result leads you to appropriate text section, but don't worry- the story gives you a lot of possibilities to increase your stats. The combat is most often resolved on the one of nine battle maps. First Thymin moves and attacks. Then each of the enemies moves and attacks. The greater the difference between the attributes of the attacker and the defender, the greater the chance of hitting and the amount of damage. You can also use special combat actions, weapons, items or take advantage of the terrain. Exploring the world you consistently develop your character, which helps you to win the battles, resolve quests and finally reach your goal.

No. of Players: 1

Duration: 90 to 360 minutes

Min. Age: 10

Price: £49.99
       (RRP is 59.99)