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Star Wars RPG: Edge Of The Empire Far Horizons

ESSWE09EN Star Wars RPG: Edge Of The Empire Far Horizons published by Edge Entertainment Studio

Filled with new specializations, signature talents, weapons, vehicles, gear, and other equipment, Far Horizons introduces a wealth of new options designed to help you better outfit your Colonist - or any character - for life on the galaxy's wildest, deadliest, and most exciting planets. Whether you're looking to ply your skills in the service of a wealthy gangster or you're looking to tame a planet full of untapped natural resources, Far Horizons provides you with the tools you'll need to you build and play your character the way you want.

Far Horizons is a sourcebook for Colonists making their mark at the fringe of the galaxy in Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. With new talents, spaceships, and gear, Colonists will be able to thrive in even the harshest circumstances that come their way. Three new specializations, the Entrepreneur, the Performer, and the Marshal, offer new ways for Colonists to expand their options (and make some cold, hard credits), while GM's and other players will find new gear and setting information to bring the Edge of the Empire to life.

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