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Star Wars Imperial Assault: Boba Fett Villain Pack

FFGSWI11 Star Wars Imperial Assault: Boba Fett Villain Pack published by Fantasy Flight Games

Embark on thrilling new Imperial Assault missions with one of the galaxys most formidable bounty hunters: Boba Fett! With this deadly bounty hunter at your side, you can bring Boba Fetts fearless inventiveness and vicious skills to every mission assuming you can afford to hire him.

Like other Villain Packs, the Boba Fett Villain Pack offers essential new cards and missions for both the campaign and skirmish games, alongside a detailed plastic figure required for fielding Boba Fett in Imperial Assault tournaments. For the skirmish game, this expansion offers new Command cards that open powerful new strategies and a new skirmish map with two unique missions. The Imperial player in a campaign game also gains access to a new side mission and a three-card Agenda set to hunt the heroes throughout the campaign.

Price: 10.49
       (RRP is 12.99)