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Spirit Of 77 RPG: Greatest Hits Volume 2

MFS77104 Spirit Of 77 RPG: Greatest Hits Volume 2 published by Monkeyfun Studios

Spirit of 77 is bringing you Greatest Hits, Vol. 2. Six of your favorite Spirit of 77 adventures brought together into one softcover compilation: It's A Small Verld After All - Grab your giant ears, comrade! We're taking a trip to the greatest theme park of them all, Digbyland! Smiles, Everyone! Smiles!- Your greatest fantasies are being turned into your worst nightmare in this body-snatching extravaganza! Nightmare at 77,000 Feet - Please return your seat to the upright position, we're about to embark on a deadly confrontation with an angry spirit!

All the Antichrist's Men - Political thrillers, conspiracy theories, satanic children and a guy selling ice cream. Just another day at the park! Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch... - Saddle up for a hi-tech hijinks of the old West variety, with dangerous bankrobbers and a nutritious breakfast! Superfast! Go! - What have you always wanted in a Spirit of 77 adventure? That's right - a giant samurai robot! NOTE: This compilation contains the previously published adventures in Double Features #4-6. Can you dig it?

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