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Space Worm Board Game: Level 5 And 6 Expansion

INSSWCOREL56 Space Worm Board Game: Level 5 And 6 Expansion published by Inside The Box

In the roll-and-write, route-building game Space Worm, 2-6 players navigate the fruity void of space with their leviathan cosmic serpents, eating planets whole and collecting space fruit along the way.

To set up Space Worm, each player rolls two dice and starts their worm on the planet matching the sum rolled. Each round, a player rolls the eight colored dice, then players draft one die in turn; you extend the length of your worm by drawing a vertical or horizontal line from your worms current location that matches the length of the die rolled. Since you are a mindless space worm, you cant cross over your path or else youll eat your own tail! If you cant move, you cross off one of your hearts.

Included is the Level 5 & 6 Expansion.

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