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Shadows Of Kilforth Board Game: World Playmat

HALWPM1ST19 Shadows Of Kilforth Board Game: World Playmat published by Hall Or Nothing Productions

The Large Neoprene World Map Playmat is a (986mm x 576mm or 38.8" x 22.7") gorgeously illustrated playmat that will hold all of the map location cards as well as the encounter and reward decks, and the ancient, ancient abilities, and night decks. The World Map Playmat accommodates the larger tarot-sized location cards (from the Pimp My Shadows and Pimp My Gloom expansions) OR the regular-sized location cards from the base game. Any gaming group would only require one World Map Playmat, as it will accommodate up to four heroes.

Price: 30.99
       (RRP is 34.99)