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Shadows Of Brimstone Board Game: Werewolf Feral Kin Mission Pack

FFP07MP05 Shadows Of Brimstone Board Game: Werewolf Feral Kin Mission Pack published by Flying Frog Productions

Stalking the moonlit night, werewolves howl as they run and leap across the desert valleys, prowling the roads for unwary travelers to descend upon! A haunted and terrible form of life, the werewolf is human much of the time, until gripped by the Darkness within and transformed into a towering mass of muscle, fur, and razor-sharp claws. The ultimate supernatural killing machine, these creatures of the night slash and bite with a beastly rage and reckless abandon, often passing their Curse onto those unfortunate souls that manage to survive being shredded by their brutal attacks.

This Mission Pack contains a set of beastly Werewolf Feral Kin (6 Large models) as well as a new Objective Room Map Tile, over 40 new cards themed for these brutal Enemies, and 4 new Missions that create a narrative story campaign.


  • 1 12-page Adventure Book
  • 6 Large Plastic Werewolf Enemies (40mm Bases)
  • 1 Unique Objective Room Map Tile
  • 1 Double-sided Enemy Record Sheet
  • 1 Enemy Theme Adventure Card
  • 2 Reference Cards
  • 1 Curse of the Werewolf Card
  • 4 Darkness Cards
  • 3 Mine Artifact Cards
  • 3 Gear Cards
  • 12 Werewolf Mine Encounter Cards
  • 8 Threat/Epic Threat Cards
  • 5 Card Werewolf Trait Deck
  • 5 Card Werewolf Tribal Packs Deck
  • 1 Mine Map Card
  • Assortment of Counters
  • Price: 31.99
           (RRP is 39.99)