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Shadowrun RPG: 6th World GM Screen

CAT28001 Shadowrun RPG: 6th World GM Screen published by Catalyst Game Labs

This Shadowrun, Sixth World Gamemasters Screen is what you want it to be. How do we know? Because you get to shape it. A player-facing large pocket lets you share scene inserts to change up the players visual experience, with many inserts included with the screen. Card pockets on the GM side help them track current NPCs and other game stats, while the GM side also displays commonly used tables. Reference sheets for the players provide easy access to critical information.

Finally, and most unique, a series of Reputation/Heat trackers are built directly into the screen, enabling a runner team to track their pressure on them from any rival they face, watching them change as they play. Enclosed stickers let you choose just who is putting the Heat on the players. Make the screen what you want it to be, then use it to make your games awesome.


  • GM screen
  • Rules sheet
  • 4 Rules References
  • 8 double-sided Scene Inserts
  • Sticker sheets
  • Price: 14.49
           (RRP is 16.99)

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