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Scuttle! Card Game: Scurvy! Expansion

JBG556003 Scuttle! Card Game: Scurvy! Expansion published by Jellybean Games

Includes eight Disease cards: Pox, Scurvy, Typhus, Beriberi, Fever, Sailors Bane, Sea-Sickness, Piratitis! At the start of the game, you put one of them into play and shuffle the rest into the deck. Each disease has a different ability, and they affect all players. Disease cards dont count as permanents, and whenever you draw one it goes into play immediately. As your action in a turn, you can shuffle all Disease cards from play back into the deck - this is the only way to get rid of them, but it might be worth it...especially if all eight are in play!

Price: 3.99
       (RRP is 4.99)

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