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Sauriana Miniatures Game: Core Rulebook

HPSFPFS003 Sauriana Miniatures Game: Core Rulebook published by Funagain Distribution

In 1888, the fabric of space and time was torn apart - The Interstice, a gap in the universe - rippled in the air over what was once Richmond, Surrey. Scientists soon discovered that this bizarre temporal anomaly could act as a sort of "fountain of youth" - prehistoric fossils could be deposited into its swirling vortex, and through much engineering and experimentation, it was found that a human being's life could be rejuvenated and extended by years or even decades when bathed in the energies released.

The Great Dinosaur Rush was born - Paleontology became the new world power, fossil beds became the new gold mines. People from all corners of the world flocked in annual pilgrimage to the Interstice, sacrificing their hard-won fossils to gain the smallest sip of immortality promised by the wondrous phenomenon. A new economy was born out of the ashes of the antediluvian age... and with it, new conflicts arose. Sauriana is a game of choice - players have absolute control over the way they want to play. The rules are simple, but the strategy runs deep. While each model represents an Agent from one of the factions, the possibilities for outfitting and equipping them are endless. Furthermore, as a hobby wargame, you have complete freedom to convert and customize your miniatures as you see fit - almost all of them have compatible parts, examples of which you will see on this website and in our blog. Put on your best pith helmet, load your musket, ready your Band, and delve into the world of Sauriana! Sauriana is a 32mm miniatures game for 2+ players and set in a Weird West, alt-history 1800s! The world is rife with prehistoric beasts and mad science run amok, each player controls a Posse of daring Agents - men, women, machines and monsters unique to the factions of this bold new world, vying for dominance in intense, objective-based skirmishes. This rulebook is your basic primer to the world of Sauriana, with full rules for playing the game. It includes: Complete Rules for Sauriana, Agent Stat breakdown, Posse creation, Extensive Asset Catalog for equipping your Agents, Lore & Background on the World of Sauriana.

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