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Rise Of The Necromancers Board Game: Undead Sea Expansion

MYTMGROTN003 Rise Of The Necromancers Board Game: Undead Sea Expansion published by Mythic Games

Undead Sea is the totally new expansion for Rise of the Necromancers, and it comes with a new game board with new lands to explore, new items to find, new Necromancers to play, and new apprentices to bind to your will! And let's not forget all the new Monsters to defeat and raise! Our Isle being flooded as a result of summoning the Demons, we are reduced once more, lowly and wretched, and must set sail to the West to seek vengeance on the Forces of Light.

Finding the wrecked bones of broken ships and merging them with our Soul Fragment, we sail into uncharted and treacherous waters. We must venture forth to explore unknown lands in search of powerful treasures. Encountering ancient threats, we defeat them and they soon become our most powerful minions. New victory conditions add further challenges! Now, not only do you have to be first to place your 13 Dominion counters, you must hold a city of the Light, too! Being evil just got harder!

No. of Players: 2 to 5

Duration: 45 to 120 minutes

Min. Age: 13

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