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Q-Workshop My Very First Dice Set: Little Berry

QWSSMVF4E Q-Workshop My Very First Dice Set: Little Berry published by Q-Workshop

Once upon a time, Little Berry was invented by a little girl who liked the bedtime stories her parents told her each night. She always listened closely, flushed with excitement about the adventures of imaginary characters...and when the stories were ending, she continued them by herself, because she liked to change the plot. She spread the wings of imagination and allowed herself unlimited journeys by soaring in a fairy-tale world.

Years have passed, the little girl grew up and became an adult, but she did not stop inventing new stories. Little Berry fared very well in her imagination, and she didn't bend to the flow of time. Its creator decided to publish adventurous books and then began to tell these stories in a slightly different way while running games for her peers, teenagers, and even younger children. She also had offspring and she knew that the future of Little Berry rests in the little hands of children who will tell their own stories someday.

My Very First Set: Little Berry is an adorable, multi-colored set of dice: each polyhedron has a different background color and a different fairytale character depiction. The painting is violet, mesmerizing the young players and letting you tell the story of a Little Berry.

Price: £14.49
       (RRP is 16.99)