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Q-Workshop CATS Meowster Dice Set

QWSRCAT4Z Q-Workshop CATS Meowster Dice Set published by Q-Workshop

QWSRCAT4Z: Q-Workshop CATS Meowster Dice Set is Out of Stock

Pspspsps... You love cats, we know. We do too! They're graceful, independent, agile, soft in touch, proud, and absolutely adorable! This dice set consists of 7 polyhedrons with digits kept in a feline font style, and you will find no less than 3 variations of their faces! Some show cat's paws trails, others have a ball of yarn, and the highest ones depict cats in person, just doing their feline things! The set includes 7 items: a D6, a D8, a D10, a D12, a D20, a D100, and a Modern D4.

Price: £13.49
       (RRP is 19.99)