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Prisma Arena Board Game

HUBPRISMA Prisma Arena Board Game published by Hub Games

HUBPRISMA: Prisma Arena Board Game is on Sale

Your training to become a Guardian starts right now as you enter the Prisma Arena for the first time Suit up and join the fight for Hope!

Prisma Arena is a card-drive arena combat game where players learn to channel their inner light and become Guardians of Hope. Accompanied by Mokon, creatures that embody emotions, you will race across the arena, blasting and striking your opponents, and pulling off incredible Combos. Bouncing your opponents out of the Arena will gain you points, but you can be sure theyll come back straight away to settle the score!

Players begin by choosing their hero, customising their look using the included sticker sets. On entering the Prisma Arena, youll set up obstacles to hinder your opponents plans and help you, summon your Mokon, and then its time to battle! Select either regular moves using your characters Action Dials, or chain together over-the-top Combos that will see you score Hits against your opponents. Soon youll be bouncing them out of the Arena, scoring points and levelling up your hero, choosing unique abilities and honing your powers of Prismakata! Suit up its time to train!

Contents: Gameboard, 12 Standees + Bases, 106 Cards, 8 Action Dials, 12 Obstacles, 69 Tokens, 4 Removable Sticker sheets, 4 Storage Bags, 4 Lockers, Rulebook.

No. of Players: 2 to 4

Duration: 30 to 60 minutes

Min. Age: 8

Price: £17.99
       (RRP is 34.99)