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Power Rangers RPG: The Phantom Gambit Adventure

RGS01135 Power Rangers RPG: The Phantom Gambit Adventure published by Renegade Game Studios

Engage Space's Most Dastardly Villains! Journey across space to stop Darkonda's Phantom Gambit in this adventure for Power Rangers Roleplaying Game and face off against the vicious bounty hunter and his mistress, Astronema, the Princess of Evil. The Phantom Gambit drops your players' heroes into the thick of Power Rangers: In Space, searching for the kidnapped Zordon while Dark Specter's lieutenants try to stop them at every turn. Features: New space travel mechanics help you follow a Phantom Ranger's turbulent trail! Visit Andros and Zhane's home world, KO-35, and help rebels! Save a city from a giant-sized foe!

Price: £13.99
       (RRP is 16.99)