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Power Rangers RPG: Glutton For Punishment Accessory Pack

RGS02410 Power Rangers RPG: Glutton For Punishment Accessory Pack published by Renegade Game Studios

It's Morphin' Time! This set of full color standees, maps, and stat block cards are a companion to the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook and GM Screen adventures, "A Fool's Errand" and "A Glutton for Punishment!" Printed on sturdy cardstock and designed for the Essence20 Roleplaying System, each standee contains a beautiful full-color image of a Threat or NPC, along with matching stat block cards for easy reference, so the game doesn't slow down!

Each standee fits into a size-appropriate plastic base on a 1" grid system, making them perfect for play on the included encounter maps or to mix with other traditional miniatures on your table. This set includes: 40+ Cardboard Standees, 15 Plastic Bases, 10 Full Color Encounter Map tiles, Stat Block Cards for each Unique Threat.

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