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Power Grid Board Game: The Stock Companies Expansion

RGG524 Power Grid Board Game: The Stock Companies Expansion published by Rio Grande Games

This expansion can be combined with all Power Grid maps and available power plant decks.

The Stock Companies offer players a completely new game experience. As shareholders, the players want to get control over different stock companies so they can acquire the greatest wealth.

Additionally this expansion offers two additional variants.

  • In the first variant the players are shareholders who try to get shares of the most successful companies: the companies that supply electricity to the most cities.
  • In the second variant the players control their private stock companies and try to establish them successfully on the electricity market. They sell shares of their own companies to generate more cash and they are able to buy shares of other players companies. Thus, they can also earn a portion of the other players successes.

    If you own all Power Grid maps and the expansion New Power Plants, this expansion offers 222 new possibilities to play Power Grid and Power Grid deluxe.

    This expansion offers players three new ways to play either Power Grid or Power Grid Deluxe. The first is The Stock Companies, which offer players a very different experience from Power Grid and Power Grid Deluxe. The two variants are a little bit closer to the well-known Power Grid experience. We wish you a lot of fun with all three!

  • No. of Players: 2 to 6

    Duration: 120 minutes

    Min. Age: 13

    Price: 22.49
           (RRP is 29.99)