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Pomegranate Planet Card Game

PWG8005 Pomegranate Planet Card Game published by Paw-Warrior Games

In Pomegranate Planet, take on the role of a pomegranate farmer trying to out-grow the competition. You will use Pomegranate Power Pebbles, or Pom Pebbles as the locals call them, to acquire items that you will need from the Market. The Market uses a blind bidding system, and each item in the Market will go to the player that bid the most Pom Pebbles for that item.

However, you can only put up a single card for bid at a time, each valued at a different number of Pom Pebbles. Water and Fertilizer will help your seeds grow into delicious, nutritious pomegranates. Pollinate and Greenhouse cards get your fields to produce more pomegranates, and Tractors can help you move items from one field to another, making the most of your farmland. Use your Pom Pebbles wisely; wasting your higher value Pom Pebbles early could allow your opponents to easily snag a more valuable item later on! Win the best items at the market to become the primary purveyor of pomegranates on the planet!

No. of Players: 2 to 4

Duration: 30 to 60 minutes

Min. Age: 11

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