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Nucleum Board Game: Australia Expansion

BND0084 Nucleum Board Game: Australia Expansion published by Board And Dice

BND0084: Nucleum Board Game: Australia Expansion is a New Release

Saxony's energy revolution was so impactful that everyone wanted to start using Nucleums in their regions. Australia's huge deposits of uranium were ripe for the taking, leading to visionaries - lured by the vast number of possibilities - visiting the continent and changing it into a new global power. Here, these entrepreneurs have to face new challenges presented by the sheer size of the continent.

Fortunately, the clever use of shipping lanes will help them transport resources more efficiently than by rail and even gain access to the nearby island of Tasmania, where a mad scientist conducting his own experiments managed to replicate Elsa's invention, which is now proudly presented as an experimental power plant in the island's capital of Hobart. Nucleum: Australia comes with a new map that introduces several new concepts and rule changes to the Nucleum base game. Use shipping lanes to expand your networks, build your own coal mines, and try the expert variant with bidding for the experiments.

No. of Players: 1 to 4

Duration: 60 to 150 minutes

Min. Age: 14

Price: £23.49
       (RRP is 28.99)

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