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Newspeak Board Game: Rated Expansion

INSNSEXPRATED Newspeak Board Game: Rated Expansion published by Inspiring Games

Navigate the precarious world of social ratings in this modular expansion for NewSpeak, bringing Dissident Player ratings and Location ratings to the game to add another element to the code-breaking challenge. Play as two all-new Dissident characters, and don't forget- keep your rating high!

In Rated, each dissident player is assigned a social rating wheel as well as their targeting dial, showing their social rating to moderators at all times. Each location is also randomly assigned a social rating token. If a dissident is caught by a moderator, their social rating is decreased by one to a minimum of one. Dissidents may not target a location that has a higher social rating than they currently have. The only way to get around this is to avoid capture, or focus on a diminishing number of locations that have been unfiltered by the dissidents- which have a rating of 1 by default.

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