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Newspeak Board Game: Dissonance 1-2 Player Expansion

INSNSEXPDISS Newspeak Board Game: Dissonance 1-2 Player Expansion published by Inspiring Games

1-2 player expansion for NewSpeak. For the 1-player component of NewSpeak: Dissoance, players take the role of a solitary Moderator, looking over a conversation between two suspected dissidents, which you must decode using the Moderator Code Cards and Moderator Dashboard as you would in the core game. Incorrectly determining the meeting location of dissidents will lead to penalties as well as additional clues as you progress through a narrative campaign.

For the 2-player component of NewSpeak: Dissonance, players adopt the personas of two dissidents, attempting to communicate with each other to meet in secret without falling foul of the watchful gaze of the ModNet. Players each have access to incomplete information, which they must use in tandem by communicating using a limited set of coded messages to coordinate their movements.

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