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Neoville Board Game

BLU09040 Neoville Board Game published by Blue Orange Games

The future is here! Architects, your time has come to design and build a city that is harmonious with nature! Assemble your land, build skyscrapers and create the most attractive and ecologically friendly city! Work to gain the most harmony points, to win. Are you up to the challenge!

Object: Position tiles strategically to build skyscrapers and utilities in your four x four city. Skyscrapers will add harmony points at the end of the game, based on their value and district size. Utilities will add harmony points when their position in the city fits their own requirements. The game is played over 16 rounds on your turn, carry out the following actions in order: Add a tile to your city. Choose a tile in your hand and add it to your city face up creating districts by connecting a terrain. Take a skyscraper or utility and place it on the new tile. A skyscraper must be placed on any matching terrain square in a district that does not already have a skyscraper associated with it. A utility can be placed on a terrain square associated with a park or sport facility. Draw a tile. Take a new tile from the four available face up tiles. To score harmony points, determine the size of the district the skyscraper is in by counting all the orthogonally connected terrain squares it is located in. If this value is equal or greater than the value listed on the skyscraper, then it is positive harmony points. If the value is less, then it is negative harmony points. The game ends when all players have built their four x four city. Players then count their harmony points, the most wins the game! Neoville has a fun, futuristic theme and will test your strategy!


  • 78 tiles incl. four equity titles
  • 28 Skyscrapers
  • 36 utilities
  • No. of Players: 2 to 4

    Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

    Min. Age: 10

    Price: £21.99
           (RRP is 27.99)