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Nano9Games: Wave 1: Railways, City Planners And Empire

CAPNANOW1 Nano9Games: Wave 1: Railways, City Planners And Empire published by Capstone Games

The Nano9Games family of games offers a complete game experience consisting of 9 cards, 9 dice, and 9 cubes. This Wave 1 boxed set collects the first 3 games: Railways, City Planner and Empire together into a sturdy full colour slipcase featuring art from all 3 games.

Railways is set in the middle of the 19th century, the time of the Industrial Revolution. You must take advantage of the steam age and build your railroad empire by developing railroads, expanding buildings, and moving passengers to make the most profit at the end of twelve rounds!

In City Planner you must plan your city wisely and follow local building codes for commercial buildings, industrial sites, civic services, and residential areas to become the best City Planner! Different building types provide unique bonuses. It is up to you to decide which combination of buildings earn you the most points over the 8 game rounds.

At the turn of the century, build your solo industrial empire by constructing factories, hiring workers, producing goods, and selling them for a profit. How rich will you be when you retire? Create a manufacturing empire in 30 years (15 game turns) by building factories, producing Capital, Materials, Commodities, and Goods, and earn as much Profit as you can.

Components from all 3 games can be combines to play Empire Planners, where players compete to build and upgrade buildings, create railways, move passengers to their destinations and produce goods in their factories in order to gain Capital and create Profit. The rules are available from the publisher's website.

Price: £39.99
       (RRP is 49.99)