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Mosquito Show Board Game

FLY014MO Mosquito Show Board Game published by Flying Games

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, a chameleon and a toucan are in search of a tasty mosquito buffet. Be on the lookout for the prized golden mosquitoes to win the game!

There are two phases to a player turn: Placement phase - the two players simply place their two animals on the board. Movement phase - players take turns and must move ONLY ONE of their two animals. They may move the same animal several turns in a row, or alternate. In order to move, an animal MUST eat a mosquito. If an animal cannot eat a mosquito, it is blocked and cannot move. Both the chameleon and the toucan move on the board in unique ways, which have their own advantages and disadvantages to the player. All mosquitoes have special effects to help or hinder the player’s progress in the game. The game can end in two different ways: A player eats their 9th golden mosquito: it’s an instant victory! On their turn, a player cannot move any of their animals: it’s an instant loss... Mosquito Show also comes with four cute figurines, bringing the game to life!


  • One foldable board
  • Four miniatures
  • 27 double-sided tokens
  • No. of Players: 2

    Duration: 10 minutes

    Min. Age: 8

    Price: £20.49
           (RRP is 25.99)