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Monstrolicious Card Game

REPMONEN01 Monstrolicious Card Game published by Repos Production

Who will be rewarded for their greed? One player controls the hairy ones, while the second controls the scaly ones. A banquet tray is placed between the players. On your turn, look at the first tile in your monster deck and place it face-down under one of the desserts. Your opponent has no one opposite? If not, it's a battle!

Your opponent reveals his tile, not you. If your monster has an equal or higher value, tell him and his tile is discarded. Otherwise, you remove your tile, leaving your opponent's visible. Be careful: if you fall on your opponent's trap, you automatically lose! In Monstrolicious, some desserts have special effects, like the lollipop, which is only worth one point, but allows you to win ties (even when you're the defender!). When all the tiles have been played, each player adds up the points earned by the cakes they control to determine the winner. The greediest will be the best strategist... and bluffer!

No. of Players: 2

Duration: 20 minutes

Min. Age: 8

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